Elephant Safari at Kaziranga National Park


Almost all the national parks of India offer the lucrative adventure of exploring the jungles sitting on the back of an elephant. Elephant safaris are prevalent in the forests of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Assam and the exotic jungles of the North-East. Sitting at an extremely elevated position, on the back of an elephant and looking over the lush vegetation and forests, is another royal experience that a tourist must have. Besides, elephants are wise and brave animals which can take you to remote and difficult areas of jungles, which cannot be explored by jeep. Also, tourists have a sense of protection when they are riding these gigantic animals which are worshipped as God in Hindu mythology.  In the forests, one can see the elephants roaming freely with other animals like tiger, lion, monkey and deer. Thus, Elephant safari is the best and the safest way of exploring the inaccessible parts of the national park. In elephant safaris, the back of the elephants is strapped with Howdah, a large seat between the rider called Mahout and the passenger’s seat. At times, an umbrella is present over the passengers’ head for comfort from the blazing sun. The elephants amble slowly and steadily giving the tourists an ample amount of time to view the jungles and spot wildlife. The following are the famous elephant safaris provided in India:

  1. Corbett National Park Elephant Safari:

    Jim Corbett National Park in Uttranchal is one of the oldest national parks in India and is famous for its elephant safaris. The elephant safari here is conducted through a well-planned path, guided by a trained Mahout. The safari goes through a well-designated path so that the tourists can explore the lush vegetation, ambling through lowlands. The ride is generally of about one and half hours. It is advisable to take the morning tour. There are about five tourism zones in the national park, amongst which only Bijrani and Dhikala tourism zones in Corbett are allowed for elephant safaris. The elephant is given on a first cum first serve basis.

  2. Kaziranga Elephant Safari:

    The Kaziranga National Park situated along the banks of the Brahmaputra is famous for its elephant safaris that give excellent close – ups of the Indian one – horned rhinoceros. Elephant safaris set out at 5:30 am and at 6:30 am every morning and at 3 pm every afternoon. The Bagori zone of the Kaziranga National Park is famous for the sightings of one-horned rhinoceros. The tourists can also spot tigers, buffaloes, gaurs, monkeys, deer, leopards and wild boars. The safari lasts for 1 or 1/2 hours.

  3. Dera Amer Elephant Safari: 

    The elephant safari is conducted in the pristine natural location of Dera Amer Camp area of Jaipur. Dera Amer is a secluded forest area located at the foothills of the Aravalli hills where wildlife like leopards, jackals, fox, Jungle Cat thrive. The safaris are organised by a local Rajput family who has taken up the responsibility of protecting the Aravalli forest land. The elephants reared by the Rajput family are given for safari. The elephants waddle through the villages, forests and tribal areas. The tourists also get the opportunity to bathe the wonderful giants in their natural habitat. After the tiring elephant safari the tourists can unwind in the well equipped camp run by the Rajput family. Overall, spending solitude time at the foot hills of the Aravallis is a very good decision.

  4. Periyar Elephant Safari:

    The Periyar National Park is the safest sanctuary of wild elephants in India. Taking the elephant safari here is the most thrilling experience. As the elephant is manoeuvred through woodlands, grasslands and streams, one can spot leopards, Nilgiri langurs,wild boars, Sambar and sloth bear.

  5. Bandhavgarh Elephant Safari:

    The Bandhavgarh National Park has the highest density of tigers in India. The trained elephants waddle through the dense forests of Bandhavgarh, giving tourists the scintillating view of the vegetation and a wonderful opportunity to spot tigers. Following these majestic tigers, riding on another beast is an awesome experience. The elephant safari is mainly organised in the Maghadi and Tala zones of the park.

  6. Jaldapara Elephant Safari:

    This is one of the major attractions of Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. This safari is known for the spotting of one horned rhinoceros. The number of rides and the number of elephants are limited here. Tourists must book the ride by paying the entire sum. Online bookings are not present. The rides take place at two times of the day: morning and evening. The early morning safari is the best to opt for. The safaris leave in groups of 3 to 5 elephants. The elephants take the tourists through the lush grasslands and streams.