Satpura National Park is a brilliant, untouched and beautiful place located in the Satpura Ranges and named after it. Satpura is a Sanskrit word which means “seven mountains”. The diverse terrain of the Satpura National Park comprises of extreme altitudes. The park harbors Mt. Dhoopgarh as high as 1400 m and also the lowest plains of Churna. The undulating landscape of Satpura comprises of deep gorges, sparkling rivulets, sandstones, rocky mountains, ravines and thickets of forests. This complex assortment of various types of topography makes it the most suitable place for varied wildlife to thrive and flourish.

The park was once a military base of the British Army. Due to its dense forests and rugged terrain, British Officer Captain J. Forsyth found it a favourable location to lure and capture the famous Indian freedom fighter Tantia Tope. Satpura Tiger Reserve encompasses Bori Wildlife Sanctuary, Satpura National Park and Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary. The park boasts of over 1,300 different species of plants. The park looks stunning with multitudinous flora that include trees like teak, sal; bamboos, grasses, bushes and medicinal plants.

Tucked away in the heart of the Central Highlands of India, Satpura National Park is the safest haven for wildlife. Tigers roam around here, unrestrained in their most natural habitat. The national park is the only one of its kind, which allows the visitors to explore the jungles by walking. Apart from the unique walking experience, Satpura National Park offers boat safari, Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari.

Location Hoshangabad District (Madhya Pradesh) 
Nearest Airport Bhopal Airport: 190 km (4 hrs. drive)
Nearest Railway Station Sohagpur Station: 19 km (.5 hr. drive)
Hoshangabad Station: 50 km (1.20 hr. drive)
Itarsi Station: 75 km (2 hr. drive)
Key Wildlife Attractions Blackbuck, Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Indian Wild Dog, Golden Jackal, Flying Fox, Indian Bison, Wild Boar, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Indian Marsh Crocodile, Pangolin, Ruddy Shell Duck, Pied Kingfisher, Oriental Darter, Crested Serpent Eagle and many more
Total Area Covered 524 sq. km., The Satpura National Park is the designated core zone of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve which covers an area of 4926 sq. km. in central India protected for wildlife.
Established in Year 1981
Vegetation Moist and dry deciduous forests with grasslands and acacia scrub
Best Time to Visit 1 October to 15 June. The park is closed for visitors during the remaining time of the year. The best time of the year to visit the National Park is between the months of October to April
Climate During the summer the park experiences a temperature of 32° on average and during winter the temperature falls to 20° in average.


Season  Date  Timing 
Winter 1 Oct-31 Oct Morning: 6:00 – 11:00 am
Evening: 3:00 – 6:00 pm
1 Nov-30 Nov Morning: 6:15 – 11:00 am
Evening: 3:00 – 5:45 pm
1 Dec-31 Dec Morning: 6:30 – 11:00 am
Evening: 3:00 – 5:30 pm
1 Jan-31 Jan Morning: 6:45 – 11:00 am
Evening: 3:00 – 5:45 pm
Summer 1 Feb-28 Feb Morning: 6:30 – 11:00 am
Evening: 3:00 – 6:15 pm
1 Mar-31 Mar Morning: 6:15 – 11:00 am
Evening: 3:00 – 6:30 pm
1 Apr-30 Apr Morning: 5:45 – 11:00 am
Evening: 4:00 – 6:45 pm
1 May-30 Jun Morning: 5:30 – 11:00 am
Evening: 4:00 – 7:00 pm


Safari Zones/Gates
Madhai Zone – There are three entrances to the Satpura National Park. One is near to the Panchmarhi hill station, Second and the most popular is through the Madhai Gate, and the Third is near to the Tawa Dam (this entrance is ideal for those who are staying at the MP Tourism managed resort – Tawa Resort

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