Wildlife Tours in India

Wildlife Tours in India and Best Jungle Safari

We have carefully selected an assortment of some of the best jungle safari and wildlife tours in India, which showcase the very best of the iconic regions in this exceptional destination. That being said, we can tailor make your holiday according to your specifications too.

India is regarded as one of the best safari destinations in the world, and on the bucket wish of every vacationer to India will be a jungle safari and India wildlife tour experience. Indian jungle safari tours and India’s wildlife are predominant with elephants, tigers, leopards, rhinos, bears, wild dogs, and birds; however, there are exceptions of certain wildlife such as the snow leopard found only in the Himalayan snow and the Asiatic lion that can be seen only at Sasan Gir.

The holy grail of any best wildlife tour in India involves seeing the elusive tiger in the wild, but it doesn’t end there; since the Indian subcontinent boasts of almost 90,000 living species, including 1250 varieties of birds. One can explore the riches of India’s wilderness and its jungles through the various wildlife tour options available from park to park. The toughest decision will be on deciding where to go, given the enormity of this country and the distinct landscapes of its wildlife sanctuaries.

Various tour options are available while going on a wildlife safari package or Indian wildlife tours into one of its cherished national parks. Some of them are:

  • Elephant Safari Tour: These safaris are good when going into deep forests, where jeeps can’t move into. Large seats known as Howdah are placed on elephant back for a comfortable ride. This is the best way to get close and personal and observe wildlife from close quarters
  • Jeep Safari Tour: This is the most common type of safari tour organized in a park. Six-seated jeeps or 20-seat canters are common options available. Jeeps pick-up the guests directly from the resort and seats on either of these vehicles are allocated on first-come, first-serve basis
  • Boat Safari: Almost every national park in India has streams, rivers, lakes and beautiful waterholes. Thus, boat safari is one of the major attractions for tourists and it gives a wonderful opportunity to see the regions that are inaccessible through land. Boat safari is famous especially in the Sunderbans and Periyar where wildlife viewing by jeep or elephant is not possible.
  • Walking Safari: Walking Safari, where the national parks are explored by walking, is the most exhilarating wildlife experience with a lot of adventures and risks.

We have crafted some specialized wildlife safari tour itineraries and packages that cover the major national parks and forest destinations of North, South, Central & South India. If you would still want us to plan a customized Indian safari holiday for you, feel free to write to us. After understanding your requirement, our team will set out to plan a personalized wildlife safari package that suits your individual requirements.

Our Best Recommended Jungle Safari and Wildlife Tours in India

Central and West India Tiger Safari Tour Packages

Central & West India

Central India with its relatively sparse vegetation an ideal place for tiger spotting and safari holidays in India. It offers the best forest safari experiences in India,

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North East India Wildlife Packages Itineraries

North East India

Our various North East India tours covering the eight states in the region explore the cuisines, festivals, handicrafts, eminent wildlife, and upstream and downstream cruises over River Brahmaputra.

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Himalayan Holidays to Nepal and India


Another great destination to plan your Himalayan holiday is across India. There are three major mountainous regions in India: Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir, Kumaon Region in Uttarakhand, and the northeastern states of Sikkim, Assam, and other seven-sister states.

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South India Wildlife

South India

Our South India Wildlife tours starting from Chennai, Bangalore or Cochin offers the experiences of the backwaters, temples, spice markets, tea plantations and wildlife holidays across Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

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North India

Wildlife in North India too has been blessed with the richness and diversity of rare endangered species in its picturesque national parks.

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