India is a large country with diverse weather patterns and seasons. Read below to take note of the best season to visit India for spotting wildlife in its national parks or wildlife sanctuaries.

Early Winter
Oct - Dec Winter coming forth: Monsoon has just returned leaving the forest verdant and plush. The days are charming and evenings are coldish. The vegetation is dense slightly affecting the visibility of wildlife but the treasure of jungle is richer in terms of number of animals thriving. Many young animals can be found strolling around the terrain. Also it is the best time for bird watching as one can catch glances of numerous local and migrant birds.
Late Winter
Jan - Feb Retreating Winter: These months can be characterized as the season of late winter when the days are pleasant while the mornings and evenings are slightly cold. This season brings a superior visibility of the wildlife as the jungle gets a bit drier and thinner.
Early Summer
Mar - Apr Springing Summer: By this time, summers start to set about. The days are dry hot while the nights are warm. Thinning out of the jungle’s greenery continues as the weather keeps getting drier with each passing day. Waterholes also begin shriveling. This calls forth animals to throng around these waterholes making it an exceptional view for the travelers.
Late Summer
May - Jun Summer in Full Swing: Summer has attained peak around these months. The season from the month of May till mid-June is extremely dry. The forest vegetation and also the waterholes dry up immensely around this time. This is an excellent opportunity for some amazing wildlife viewing as the animals keep the waterholes surrounded for most of the time. The severely dry hot days can be a mood spoiler to some extent though the nights are relatively better. As the month of June approaches its conclusion, monsoon starts setting in.
Jul - Sep Monsoon at its peak: During these months, monsoon reaches its pinnacle. Most of the wildlife reserves are closed for travelers midst this time except for the ones in the southern part of India.