Indian Cooking Classes


Indian Cooking Classes and Culinary Arts are famous for its diverse range of unique taste. Be it the spicy Rajasthani tadka, exotic south Indian spices, refined Portuguese taste of Goa or exquisite North East Indian dishes, India has always been the hot spot for food connoisseurs to visit. If a foodie wants to splurge in the diverse taste of India, the life time is not enough. From the street foods to the sophisticated restaurants of India, guests will never be dejected from varieties of food served in their plates.

  1. Food Tour in Delhi:

    What is more fun than walking through the streets of Delhi and tasting the various food recipes of this city that will reawaken the taste buds. Cooking classes in Delhi take you through the culture and the heart of this vibrant community with clarity and passion. In these cooking classes, all the basics and intricacies of rich Indian cuisines are taught in a fun and innovative way. The use of the secret ingredients of Indian food is taught. The cooking classes are very flexible in nature where in the guests can choose whatever they want to learn to cook. The package includes half day crash course which lasts for 5 hours or full day cooking class with duration of 8 hours. Generally, the cooking class focuses on Indian vegetarian dishes. However, with an additional fee non-vegetarian dish like meatballs, butter chicken is also taught to cook with an Indian twist and flavour. Generally, guests are taken to an Indian family where they blend, learn and cook with them.

  2. Cooking Holiday at Kochi, Kerala:

    Cochin is the best place to go for a culinary holiday. This cooking getaway includes visits to an exotic spice garden and guests are offered varied cooking programs that differ in expertise and cuisines. Along with accommodation and all meals covered for a day, guests can splurge in the luxury of south Indian cooking. The experience of cooking is spiced up with the ancient knowledge of authentic Ayurveda.

  3. Indian Cooking Classes at Goa:

    Cooking classes in Goa are run through-out the year and are run by a respected and experienced Goan chef. The specialty is Fish Caldine and awesome sea food dishes.

  1. Bengali Cooking Lessons, Kolkata, West Bengal:

    This is a 4 hours’ tour in the evening where you will be guided through the jostling markets of Kolkata, in search of perfect ingredients to make authentic Bengali food. The cooking is taught by a Bengali house wife or a chef that belongs one of the finest restaurants of Kolkata.

  2. Cooking Classes at Jaipur Rajasthan:

    Cooking classes at Jaipur are organised in the cozy environment of a chef’s house where you can interact and cook with his family. This gives the tourists an indelible opportunity of being a part of an Indian family and experience their culture.

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