Village Tourism


India is a multicultural country with varieties of people residing in every nook and corner of the country. Though one can enjoy the glamour of night life in the cities of India, the country’s rich culture and tradition can be tasted in the beautiful villages spread all across the country. In the quaint villages of India, tourists can find respite in the best possible way. The raw beauty which can be experienced in the pristine surroundings of villages cannot be explored in other tourist destinations. The gentle and pure way of spending your vacation day in the fresh air of villages is the best way of rewinding and relaxing. Thus, nowadays many local village visits have become a burning trend of village tourism. Many National Parks have settled hamlets located in their outer zones. Thus, they offer many local village visits for the tourists along with other services like jeep safaris and bird watching. The following are some of the most famous and must-visit local villages of India.

  1. Dera Village Retreat, Rajasthan:

    For tourists who want to take a break from the hectic life of city life, Dera Village Retreat is the perfect way to reconnect with their inner peace. The quaint village is tucked away at the foothills of the Aravallis. Nestled away in the heart of nature, the village is home to the local Meena Tribes. These peace and nature loving people are very welcoming, helpful and warm-hearted in nature. The Dera Village Retreat is a sophisticated as well as rustic way of life which is offered to the guests in the most fascinating way. It consists of 17 decorated cottages, set in a beautiful, lush garden. Each cottage is air – conditioned and has all the modern amenities. The tourists are taken to the villages in a traditional camel safari. In the village, Rajasthani Folk Dances are shown to the people which are vibrant in colour. The tourists can participate in the everyday life of village people. The tourists can also indulge in the luxury of bird watching, hiking and biking here.

  2. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya:

    Located in the Abode of Clouds, Mawlynnong is the cleanest village of Asia and one of the prides of India. The pleasant climate and rich tradition of North-East India make this village a major heart throb for any nature lover. Situated about 100 km from Shillong, Mawlynnong is tucked away in the East Khasi Hills, along the border of Bangladesh. The beautifully made thatched hut of this village is a symbol of simple living here. Every house has pretty garden filled with colorful flowers. Bamboo made dustbins are seen everywhere in the village. Set amidst greenery, the village boasts of many fascinating Living Root Bridges which are traditional bridges made by Khasi people. The village people are very friendly and accommodating. They welcome tourists with warm smiles and delicious simple meals of dal, rice, roti, potato and chilly. This is the best place to go for people who are nature and cleanliness obsessed.

  3. Malana, Himachal Pradesh:

    A very isolated but beautiful village located in the Kullu Valley, Malana looks like as if time is stuck there. The simple-minded people here follow their own age-old customs. They have protected their traditions and culture in a living manner and are very proud of it. The easiest way to the village is a 6 hours long hike from Jari along the winding paths of Himachal Pradesh soaking in the surrounding beauty. Nowadays, it is possible to drive from Jari to Nerang. From Nerang it is a 2 hour trek to Malana. Along the trekking trail, many checkpoints are present, hence it is advisable to carry passports. The best time to visit from June – October, when weather is very pleasant. The tourists can stay in the comfortable guesthouses of Kasol or Naggar.

  4. Nako Village, Lahaul, Spiti:

    Nako village is another heaven on earth. Situated in the barren area of the Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh, Nako village is like a beautiful oasis. This is the best place to detoxify your mind and relax. With no cellphone signals, one gets cut off the external world, along with its hustle and bustle. In the middle of the, a beautiful monastery is situated. There is a beautiful lake called Nako lake at a walking distance from village. The village is located along the Indo – Tibetan border due to which inner permit is required for tourists to visit this village. During winter, the village is completely cut – off from the rest of Himachal Pradesh due to heavy snowfall. The best time to visit the village from June to October. The best way to visit this village is to take the winding road trip through varying and beautiful landscapes. Local home stays at very cheap price are available in the village itself for the travellers. The visit to Nako Village has always been an out of the world experience for every tourist with its massive forlorn mountains and mysterious air.

  5. Valparai, Tamil Nadu:

    Tucked away in the land of tea garden, about 104 km away from Coimbatore, Valparai is a beautiful village offering varieties of adventurous activities to tourists. The village is the land of beautiful waterfalls, luxuriant tea gardens and diverse wildlife. The tourists can taste the world’s best tea in this land of tea estate. Gigantic dams are also present here, built over magnificent waterfalls. The only way to reach this village is the winding road from a place called Pollachi. The tourists are driven through beautiful greenery. The ride can be bumpy but is worth taking.

  6. Khonoma Nagaland:

    This is the best village to visit for experiencing the rich culture of Naga people. Situated about 20 km from Kohima, the village is filled with dense forests and eye watering greenery. The bumpy path through the deep valleys will take the tourists to the heart of Nagaland where they can breathe in fresh air.

  7. Chaugan Village, Madhya Pradesh:

    The village is located in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. The Baiga and Gond communities live here. The villagers are very skillful in handicrafts. Various creative crafts are made by these villagers which can be bought as memorable souvenirs. Wood crafting is also the local occupation here. Honey harvesting is done by the villagers in the most interesting and sustainable way. It is customary for the tourists who visit the nearby Kanha National Park to visit this village for its rich tradition and sustainable way of living.

  8. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh:

    The beautiful village in the Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh is home to diverse wildlife as well as birdlife. The stunning rice fields of this village can bring peace and serenity in any traveller’s worn out mind. The Zero Festival of Music is the major attraction of this place where best musical performances are given by Indian as well as International performers. The famous Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is also located here.

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