Forsyth Lodge

Forsyth Lodge – Extraordinary Wilderness in the heart of Satpura National Park.

Forsyth Lodge - Pool View

For people who often find themselves enchanted by the lustrous green shades of nature and the hauntingly rustic beauty of the wild life, for someone who finds the incessant call of nature alluring and appetizing, Forsyth Lodge is the perfect place to visit. Situated beside Sarangpur village at the Northern most edges of the Satpura Tiger Reserve, right opposite the Madai Entrance to the reserve, Forsyth Lodge is a perfect getaway amidst the wilderness from the hullabaloo of the city life and its monotony. Named after James Forsyth, a British officer, Forsyth Lodge spreads across 44 acres of area, offering exquisite taste of nature’s beauty.

Separated from the human habitation by the Denwa, this magically beautiful reserve along with its wildlife offers a hypnotic and almost breathtaking charm to the passionate nature lovers.

One can enjoy various exciting activities, offered by this tourist lodge or one can be enchanted by the murmuring sound of the dry leaves, soothing greenery, viewed from the private balconies of the spacious rooms. Consisting of 12 independent cottages, built in the style of an arc around the main building, the lodge is a two-storey building which opens out on to amazing kaleidoscopic view of the hills.

The main building includes spacious and well-decorated dining areas along with well-set library filled with rare and excellent books on Indian wildlife. Visitors can enjoy reading while sitting beside several fireplaces in the lounge or have a drink from the Forsyth Bar. The lodge is well-equipped with a telescope, placed on the terrace, offering stunning and impeccable view of the starlit night sky.

  • Wheelchair access for needy people
  • Spacious suits along with private balconies
  • Free parking
  • Bar and Lounge
  • Restaurant offering scrumptious food items
  • Machaan
  • Swimming pool
  • Several activities for kids and family
  • Pets allowed
  • Panchmarhi Programme is a great package where the tourists can spend 2 to 4 nights in Panchmarhi, a sky island containing rich range of flora and fauna, the highest part of the Satpura Hills. People can stay in charmingly decorated hotels, converted from the British style bungalows. They can explore the area by foot or by jeep to their hearts’ content.
  • For people particularly interested in and passionate about nature and wildlife, the lodge offers a three-day certificate course by the experienced and skilled naturalists where children along with the adults can learn the basics knowledge and the process of identification of various species, how to use the equipment.
  • The lodge also offers wildlife safaris by Jeep or elephants. Tourists can check the feeding spots, the habitats of the animals within a short span of time.
  • In order to enjoy the smell and sounds of the jungle, long walks can be taken amidst the vast greenery of the forest.
  • One can also savor the exquisite beauty of the golden sunset while canoeing through the water and calls of the returning birds at dusk.

Machaan and Non-Machaan Cottage Suites

The lodge contains beautifully decorated cottages which come with the facilities of a luxurious suit. The cottages are created out of cob in order to make them eco-friendly. People can book suites with open air beds on terrace.

Machaan cottages include spacious rooms, large bathrooms, shaded gazebo on roof terrace, comfortable chairs and garden terrace overlooking the jungle.

The cottage named ‘Goonja’ offers great, comfortable and private seating area.

All the rooms as well as bathrooms are well-equipped with handmade decorative pieces and luxurious as well as necessary toiletries, in order to offer a taste of the local culture and comfortable sojourn.

Why Groowynd Recommends this Property

  • Forsyth Lodge is just a 10 mins drive to the entrance of Satpura National Park
  • Guests can enjoy walking safaris, boat safaris, kayaking, hides, elephant safaris and the traditional jeep safaris into the Satpura tiger reserve.

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