Dining under the stars

Working in the concrete jungle from morning till dusk, to most of the people the magnificent sight of a star lit night is pushed away in the dusty corners of their brains. Moreover, due to excessive artificial lighting and exhausting night life, the stars also get hidden behind the curtains of jet black sky. Thus, the stargazers are just left disappointed in the metropolitan areas. However, due to the creative efforts of many national parks, the fairy tale like experience of “dining under the stars” has been rejuvenated in many innovate ways. This amazing wildlife experience is a major piece of attraction for several tourists who visit the national parks. The following are some of the most premium hotels and resorts located in the famous national parks of India, that have epitomized the experience of Dining under the stars for the tourists.


  1. Ranthambore National Park:
  • The Oberoi Vanyavilās: The hotel is located near the Ranthambore National Park. A stay in a luxury tent at The Oberoi Vanyavilās is unique – it brings you close to nature without compromising on luxury and comfort. After an adventurous but exciting wildlife tour, tourists can splurge in a luxury stay coupled with nature’s joy, in this best luxury resort in Ranthambore. The open courtyard where dining hall is set is one of the striking features of this lodge where guests can enjoy their dinner under the star lit sky. Other options are a Private, candlelit dining served by a personal butler that can be experienced in the verdant restaurant garden, breath-taking amphitheatre or lush mango grove.
  • Sher Bagh: The lodge is situated in a beautiful place overlooking the dry deciduous forests in both directions. The lodge is built in harmony with nature and offers category suites and luxury tents loaded with all the modern amenities. After a tiring safari, the guests can dine in an open area with traditional Indian dinners cooked on outdoor clay ovens and under the canopy of stars while enjoying bon fire and traditional dances. Live cooking, where guests are invited to participate, is also an enduring feature of camp life and one of the most relaxing ways to round off a day tracking wildlife in the jungle.
  1. Bandhavgarh National Park:
  • Samode Safari Lodge: The resort is located near to the Magdhi Gate of the Bandhavgarh National Park. This luxury safari lodge consists of luxurious cottages that are tastefully decorated and comfortably furnished. Fresh – local vegetables are grown in the backyard. Ancestral cooking and village environment of this resort are famous. Dining here is an indulgent treat with a thoughtful service for people who want to enjoy their dinner in an open air or under the stars relaxing with nature. You could enjoy your dining with barbecues around a campfire, a table set for you out in the bushes; long lazy poolside meals, or romantic dining in the privacy of your own villa.
  • Mahua Kothi Lodge: The lodge is set in the forested land in close proximity with nature. The lodge consists of 12 beautifully decorated luxury suites or kothis with a main homestead. The suites have their own personal courtyards. The lodge serves food in their local restaurants in traditional style. Apart from the restaurants, guests can swerve into a completely new experience of dining under the lamp lit mahua trees with the canopy of stars to keep them company.
  1. Kanha National Park:
  • Kipling Camp: The camp is an ideal place for anyone who wants to spend a vacation tucked away in the lap of nature. Situated near the Kisli entrance of Kanha National Park, Kipling camp offers beautiful cottage rooms with hammocks, that gives the guests the feeling of a wonderful village stay. However, the cottages are well equipped with showers, heaters, tea/coffee makers in order to ensure the luxury stay. After the safari drives, the guests can enjoy traditional food under the stars coupled with bonfires, tribal dances and film shows.
  1. Satpura National Park:
  • Reni Pani Jungle Lodge: Located in the pristine natural setting, in the periphery of the Satpura National Park, Reni Pani is a premium lodge offering 12 cottages for luxury stay. The cottages have private decks for the guests to enjoy the nature. At night, tourists can dine under the starry night in the Gol Ghar. Multi cuisine meals are served with a taste of tradition and culture.
  • Forsyth’s Lodge: The lodge is located at the periphery of the Satpura National Park. The lodge offers 12 luxury cottages with immaculate interiors and modern amenities that make it easier for the guests to enjoy the nature and wildlife at its best. Speaking of food, the chefs at the Forsyth’s lodge are well trained in conjuring King’s size Indian and Continental Meals. The guests can enjoy these meals in a solitary ambience under the star lit sky. For pushing the boundary a little, they can try their food prepared by the village women – the traditional Dal batti and Baingan ka Bharta.

Hence, Dining under stars is a thrilling experience for every tourist without which their visit to the national park remains incomplete. Thus, it has become almost a necessity for every resort or hotel to include this luxury in their activities for winning the hearts of their customers.