Walking Safari in India


India is an amazing country which is thronged with wild beauty. From the north to the south, one comes across various climatic zones that give breed to varied forests sprawled across as homes to wonderful wildlife. Thousands of visitors flock, in order to savour the beauty of these forests in many national parks and sanctuaries of India. These national parks are well protected for the preservation of wildlife. The huge areas of the national parks come under the complete domain of the animals living there, who are the real masters of the jungles. Walking Safari, where the national parks are explored by walking, is the most exhilarating wildlife experience with a lot of adventures and risks. In India, Satpura National Park is the only National Park which gives its visitors the liberty to explore the jungles by walking under the strict guidance of eminent guides. The thought of venturing the territory claimed by the wild animals and exploring it on feet is adventurous and exciting. Started by the Europeans, romping about an unknown terrain, in close company with nature and the excitement of spotting a wildlife anytime is really invigorating.


Here, all the walking safaris are tailor – made and well – planned and lots of precautions are taken for the safety of the visitors. The trail is structured in such a way that the tourist gets the ample opportunity to enjoy the rugged hills, tribal villages, ancient temples, forts, beautiful streams etc.,

  • AN OVERVIEW OF WALKING TOUR: The walking safari takes a total of 5 days.
  1. Day 1: You will arrive at the Satpura National Park
  2. Day 2 : After the early morning breakfast, you will drive for 2 hours to reach the starting point of the walking safari. From the point, you will trek for 3 hours downhill, through beautiful Sal trees to reach the Kanjighat Village for lunch. After lunch you will trek for another 2 hours to reach Camp Bandhan (situated on the edge of the stream) for overnight stay.
  3. Day 3: You will trek for 3 hours to reach Jhela Village for lunch. After lunch, there is another trek for 3 hours to reach Camp Manakachar.
  4. Day 4: Full day walking to Denwa Darshan – 7 hours. Here overnight stay is done.
  5. Day 5: After breakfast, you will do 2 hours walk to meet the main road where vehicles will be waiting for you to drive you back to your resort.
  • There is no electricity at camps and accommodation is basic in nature
  • Camp cooks provide excellent food after the hunger fuelling trek.
  • Moderate fitness level is required from the tourists.
  • Phone connectivity is very bad in camps.
  • Every tent is provided with hot shower and dry pit toilet.
  • There is no laundry service in camps.
  • The walking safari is restricted to a group of ten people for better communication.

Hence, Satpura National Park has beautifully carried on the tradition of conducting walking safaris with no mishaps and accidents making it the most trusted walking safari worldwide. Apart from the safety, tourists are awe stricken with the beautiful sal trees and wild life throbbing in the heart of Satpura National Park.