Nature Walk Activities in India


Nature Walk is the best way to explore and to get personal with wildlife and nature. Pleasant walk beneath the canopy of jungles and forests is the most fun way of enjoying nature at its best. Due to work overload and hectic schedule, people are always in search of a great way to rewind and rejuvenate. Nature walk is a great way for people to soothe their tired brain. A light walk through the jungle, gives people a taste of wilderness leaving their minds refreshed. Pacing through the jungles lightly, reconnecting with jungles and occasionally spotting animals is a great way to delve in nature’s tranquillity. The joy of listening to chirping of birds and the smell of earth can be thrilling as well as relieving to a person’s mind.

  1. Nature Walk in Corbett National Park:

    The nature walk is guided by the naturalists who guide the tourists through the wonders of nature. The beautiful trail along the banks of the Kosi river is a great way to enjoy nature and get immersed in it. Here, the nature walk is conducted through the mountainous valleys of Nainital, Almora, Ranikhet, Kausani and Mukhteshwar. During these walks, tourists are introduced to various trees, plants and shrubs with their medicinal properties and uses.

  2. Nature Walk in Shimla:

    Shimla is a famous hill town of India which is surrounded by dense thickets and forests. Taking a trail in these jungles is very rejuvenating and a wonderful experience. There are a number of trails through these jungles some of which are:

  • Hangdown to Sipur Village
  • Walk through the catchment area.
  1. Taj Nature Walk:

    This is the most sought after nature walk amongst tourists. A magnificent forest is spread across, surrounding the grand Taj Mahal which is a great getaway for tourists who visit Taj Mahal. The tourists can have nice views of Taj Mahal from various viewpoints located in strategic mounds of this forest. The best time to visit is in the morning. Chipmunks, Peacocks and other birds are a common sight here. After the great hustle of doing a tour around Taj Mahal, walking here is a relaxing alternative where one can view the sunset behind the distant Taj Mahal in its full glory.

  2. Coorg Nature Walk:

    Coorg is a perfect place for a relaxing nature walk in South India. Walking through the aromatic coffee plantations is a new way of rejuvenating the body as well as mind. Walking through the paddy fields and plantations can give tourists an extraordinary view of planting, picking, harvesting etc., Many well-maintained trekking trails are present throughout the Kodagu region of Coorg. The tourists can also indulge in bird watching. Spectacular birds of the Western Ghats like Indian Moorhen, Blue Rock Pigeon etc., can be spotted. There is also an option of going on a nature walk at night for the more adventurous ones, who want to experience the eerie silence of night.

  3. Nature Walk in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu:

    Coakers Nature Walk of Kodaikanal is very famous for its scenic beauty and winding paths carved through the mountains. Along the path, tourists can enjoy the breath-taking view of the valleys down below speckled with white clouds. There is an arrangement of seeing the valley through telescope also. There are vendors along the road selling local dresses and jewellery also. The walk is about only 1 km long but it will leave a memorable impression on anybody’s mind with its mysterious mists and gigantic mountains as back drop.

There are also nature walking trails and outdoor hikes that can be arranged at the other national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and hilly terrains of India such as the Western Ghats. Write to us at if you are looking for special customized nature walk activity or a outdoor hiking tour.