Night Jungle Safari in India


India is gifted with varieties of flora and fauna. The extreme beauty and diversity are captured by myriads of national parks all over the country. Exploring this natural beauty in broad daylight has its own solitude and excitement. However, prowling across the dense jungles in the darkness of night is a tooth grinding and a life changing experience. Night jungle safari offers a heart throbbing experience to the tourists which cannot be offered in broad daylight. On the other hand, the life of wild animals at night is a different sight to see. With the eerie sound and humming of the jeep, the safari at night tests one’s adventurous streak and accelerates the brain and pumps the heart faster. In the cover of the night, the prospect of spotting a predator is very high and there is always a greater chance to capture a bizarre aspect of wildlife in these kinds of safaris. The following are the famous night jungle safaris offered by Indian National Parks:

  1. Night Jungle Safari at Coorg:

    Coorg also known as the “Coffee Capital” is a small hill station located at the foothills of the Western Ghats. The beautiful jungles and valleys of Coorg can be explored by night safari here. The aromatic smell of the coffee plantation lingers around you, as you wind across the adventurous trails of Coorg in a 4X4 jeep. The safari starts in a small hamlet called Madikeri at about 7:30 pm. With the onset of the journey, tourists can savour the stunning landscape of Coorg in the splendid color of the setting sun. As the night becomes intense, the sounds of the crickets fill the air.

  2. Night Jungle Safari at Bandhavgarh:

    The Bandhavgarh National Park offers the tourists a very exciting night safari drive through the jungle in its GPS enabled jeep. In this night safari, tourists will get the thrills of driving through the empty highways, dense thickets, rough trails. The tourists can either opt for a guided night safari or venture out in a self-driven jeep to make the journey more exciting. The lucky visitors get the chance to spot a tiger during this safari. Apart from tiger, leopards are also frequently spotted. There is no better way of exploring the wilderness of jungles here. The safari starts at around 7 pm and generally ends at around 10 pm.

  3. Satpura Jungle Safari at Night:

    The night jeep safari in the buffer zone of Satpura National Park is an amazing way of getting glimpses of wildlife there like Sambar, Civet, crocodile etc., The driver shows around the tourists, while a guide flashes light at intervals of time, so that if any animals happen to pass then their eyes will gleam indicating their presence. There is a slim chance of spotting a leopard in the buffer zone. The tourists always remain in tenterhooks when driving through the rugged and steep trail of Satpura. The safari ride generally take place for about two to three hours.

  4. Gorewada Night Jungle Safari:

    The 14-km jungle safari under the Gorewada zoo project is a major attraction for nature lovers. The tourists get the chance to spot leopards, chital, nilgais, reptiles and crocodiles in this safari. The visitors get to experience forests on both sides of the Katol Road and get to experience the mystic backwaters of the Gorewada lake at night. 15 guides from the neighbouring villages take care of the safari.

Night safari in India is also now allowed at Pench and Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. This allows visit to some restricted areas of the buffer zone accompanied by an official guide for 3 hours. At Pench tiger reserve, tourists are allowed to visit the restricted area between Turia gate and Khawasa sector of the park’s buffer zone during the night. Tiger sightings have been reported during these night safaris thus making these trips exciting. At Satpura tiger reserve, night safaris are allowed into Sera Road and Pathi region.